Can I shower with my jewelry on?

No, take off your jewelry for the shower, swimming pool (chlorine) and sea bathing (salt)

Should the energy of jewelry be recharged?

No, Energy’s Stones jewelry does not charge or discharge.
They open the energetic doors of the body and help us send all the emotional that we keep inside of us to the earth. You can run your jewelry under cold water from time to time if you wish.

How long is the warranty for Energy’s Stones jewelry?

You will find the answer in the general conditions of sale.

Can I lend my jewelry to a member of my family?

Yes, spouse, teenagers for stress problems, but it is better to each have their own jewel.

My jewelry has lost a component, what should I do?

Get closer to the person who sold you your jewelry with your warranty card.

Can I keep my jewelry overnight?

It all depends on the people! Make your own experiences.

How high should I wear my medallion?

Heart chakra (birth of the chest for women), Plexus or throat chakra.
Adapt the length of the chain.

I have pain, how can I use my jewelry?

In case of localized pain, it can be placed at the same place of the pain to relieve it and it is advisable to drink a glass of water to allow the energy to circulate.

What wrist should I wear my bracelet on?

On the side of your pain, if you have it, but if it is a problem of balance, walk with your bracelet by wearing it on the right then on the left and wear it on the side where you find the most balance. It is not a miracle medallion, but an object that we can cherish every day for the benefits it provides.