External and internal benefits

Energy’s Stones jewelry emits natural energy.

The medicine of tomorrow will be VIBRATORY and ENERGY! Faced with the growing damage from the pharmaceutical industry, populations will turn to natural alternative medicine … The results will be more and more amazing … new research is underway! Jm loup salon des inventions 2019.
Your jewelry must be registered within 60 days of purchase on the official website of Energy’s Stones to be guaranteed. The jewel is guaranteed for 2 years in normal use.
Pendant jewel with energetic stones
This energy produces external and internal benefits  :

  • Protection against harmful electromagnetic waves
  • Increased physical and emotional well-being
  • Increased concentration
  • Increased anchorage to the ground
  • Increased flexibility
  • Increase in athletic performance

Depending on the case, improvement of problems such as:

  • Tiredness
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Poor quality of sleep

Everything happens as if the body is recharging its natural and beneficial energy.
All medallions and bracelets  ENERGY’S STONES  were measured at the energy level with the Lecher antenna. Depending on the case, the vibratory energy of the human body is increased on average from 5,000 to 6,000 Bovis units per person’s life wave.

In  no case the products  ENERGY’S STONES  are not a substitute for medical treatment.

To be in agreement with the departmental directorate for the protection of the populations of the Rhône (DDPP), we have voluntarily reduced the list of benefits, please refer to the testimonials for more amazing results.

Why am I not feeling anything? No improvement ?

Testimony of MD:

“I bought a medallion and I have little or no improvement. I have a lot of osteoarthritis, am depressed, have recurring headaches and do not sleep. Can you tell me why this does not work? not ?”

I am posting here a received email that looks like some others (few!), Which usually are not published. However, I decided to devote a page to it because the investment devoted to my jewelry by you, dear customers, is sometimes even often an effort in these troubled times. And, if you view the site, tabs “ Testimonials “, the benefits felt that I publish there is really a margin and an apparent contradiction.

The explanation I am giving you is simple, there is no UNIVERSAL RECIPE. We are complex beings, not machines, with certainly common denominators, but also families of characteristics classified for a long time by different THERAPEUTIC disciplines.

In traditional medicine, for a headache we will take an aspirin. In some cases we will still have a headache, and we will not question the acetylsalicylic molecule. One can imagine the Energysstones jewelry, new products unknown to most of all, hence the question WHY IT DOESN’T WORK?

You know that in accupuncture, each can be placed in different temperaments: fire, earth, water and metal. In Taoism, we are more like ying or yang. In Ayurvedic medicine, pitta, vaca or kapha; in homeopathy we are carbonic, sulfuric, muriatic or phosphoric.

This means that for the same symptom the remedies would be totally different depending on your biological family! This is why real medicine is ART (the art of medicine) and not a technique of technician of the disease. And for lack of time, we are SIMPLIFIERS (me the first).

What to do then? Our own OPINION, do TESTS, research and you will eventually find the solution to your health problems. And I, with humility, can give you some ideas.

I would like to add to this the example of DANIEL R., a longtime friend to whom I gave a black titanium bracelet (he found it beautiful!). Dazed after 2 months he said to me: “I don’t feel anything …! Why?” But he had never left his bracelet! Maybe the subconscious? Perhaps the wearing of this jewel and its supposed effects disturbed his mental conventions. This example is convincing. It is about everyone’s receptivity. The senses we have are not always well used. Some even have a 6th. Animals see or hear and sense certain things.

There you are, as a bio energetician, I search with passion, the magnetism, the infinitesimal, the incomprehensible and the marvelous. ”

JM Loup.