The different types of osteoarthritis and their symptoms

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The different types of osteoarthritis and their symptoms:

  • Knee (gonarthosis, the most common form of osteoarthritis): limited movement, joint pain at rest and on exertion, feeling of tension and swelling around the joint.

  • Hip (coxarthrosis): pain in the groin up to the thigh, the knee, the buttocks or the kidneys, often at rest, at the start and during the effort and progressive loss of mobility.

  • Hand (digital osteoarthritis): stiffness associated with pain, often upon awakening; clumsiness and difficulty picking up objects; painful flare-ups and deformities of the fingers. The most common digital osteoarthritis is rhizarthrosis, especially in women, located at the junction of the wrist and thumb.

  • Vertebrae (cervicarthrosis, dorsarthrosis, lumbar osteoarthritis): includes cervical, dorsal and lumbar arthritis. It manifests itself by pain, stiffness or irradiation, in front of the thigh, behind the leg, in the arms and the nape of the neck or the neck.

  • Shoulder (osteoarthritis): difficulty or pain felt when raising the arm, crunches and / or stiffness in the shoulder.

  • Ankle : pain around the ankle, especially after a long walk or after standing for a long time; feeling of tension around the ankle, reduced mobility, change in gait, painful rolling of the foot.

  • Big toe : stabbing pain in the big toe; reduced mobility of the joint (extension of the big toe upwards impossible), redness, swelling.

  • Elbow : limited extension and flexion of the arms, painful to muscles and tendons.

  • Wrist : pain caused by sudden or intense movements.