Official Distributors of Energy’s Stones

Official distributors of Energy’s Stones jewelry are available to advise you in France (search form below), Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Canada and Overseas Islands.

Your jewelry must be registered within 60 days of purchase on the official website of Energy’s Stones to be guaranteed. The jewel is guaranteed for 2 years in normal use.

The medicine of tomorrow will be VIBRATORY and ENERGY! Faced with the growing damage from the pharmaceutical industry, populations will turn to natural alternative medicine … The results will be more and more amazing … new research is underway! Jm loup salon des inventions 2019.

Sasso Florence, distributrice officielle des bijoux Energy’s Stones
06 07 57 34 56
Adresse de la boutique
ARTEMISS – 7 Chemin des Berges - " Les Passerelles " - CRAN GEVRIER 74960 ANNECY