Energy jewelry online store

Any jewelry not registered after purchase within 60 days is not guaranteed. To be guaranteed for 2 years, the jewel must have been purchased by an authorized energysstones distributor.

The medicine of tomorrow will above all be energetic! Faced with the growing damage from the pharmaceutical industry, populations will turn to natural alternative medicine … The results will be more and more amazing … new research is underway! Jm loup salon des inventions 2019.

Some 12 + 1 medal-winning prototype jewels (13 stones) from € 350 to € 379 – on order only – Ask your distributor or Energy’s Stones for their availability.

Some jewels with the same visual have different prices because they do not have the same stones and elements on the back.

Be careful, there are scams on the internet concerning promotions of the Energy’s Stones jewel (imitations!) Of minus 50 to minus 70% at the risk and peril of the buyers. Your jewelry must be registered on the official website of Energy’s Stones to be guaranteed.